Professional Brass Valve Manufacturer in China

Stop Valve

D&R Stop Valves are designed for heavy duty works. Stop Valves are important for smaller friction during the shut-off and valve opening. These valves work with much better wear resistance between the sealing surface and the flap. These are easy to maintain and you can be assured that the manufacturing technology of these Valves are good as they come with only one sealing surface. This is why we are one of the best stop valve suppliers.

Technical Standards:

1. Stop Valves are made with High-quality brass..
2. The nominal pressure of each of these Stop Valves is 2.0MPa.
3. These Stop Valves are of much importance when they are required for non-corrosive liquid, water and less than 0.6MPa of saturated steam.
4. Each Stop Valves can work best between 10-120°C working temperature.
5. Cylindrical Pipe Thread of these Stop Valves is complied with NPT, BSP and ISO228.
6. All D&R Stop Valves are Nickel Plated and are of natural color.

We can assure you 100% leakage test for each valve. You can track your production process from raw material to the shipping. You will only have to submit the process update form which will be sent by our efficient team of professionals.