Professional Brass Valve Manufacturer in China

Pipe Fittings

As brass pipe fittings suppliers, D&R Industries have a huge reputation in the market. These high-quality brass pipe fittings are of huge use for plumbing, machine works, sanitary ware and so on. They are available in various specifications. We can make these pipe fittings as per your requirements.

Technical Standards:

1. Each of these Pipe Fittings Parts is made of high quality brass.
2. The nominal pressure these Fittings can bear is 1.0MPa.
3. These pipe fittings are heavily required for machines or applications where work is based on water, any non-corrosive liquid or saturated steam with pressure less than 06MPa
4. The best working temperature of these pipe fittings are between 10-120°C.
5. The cylindrical pipe threads of all the pipe fittings comply with ISO228, NPT and BSP.
6. The availability of these pipe fittings are only with the Natural Colored surface.

D&R industries has the experience in producing and exporting various valves, bibcocks and many OEM metal parts, for over 15 years till now. If you send quotation for any unconventional items then we can assure you that we will get back to you within 48 hours after receiving the quotation. With the packaging of the products for shipping you don’t have to worry at all. We take care of that part.