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Custom Metal Parts

There is no technical specification because there are various products you can order for customization. We at D&R Industries also make various custom parts based on the requirements of all our clients. We are one of best custom metal parts suppliers from the more than 15 years.

Here at D&R Industries we can customize metal parts for forging, casting, cold heading and machining depending on what you require. All the metal parts are supplied in a bulk with utmost care in making to shipping.

You are experienced in producing and exporting OEM metal parts all over the world. We within 24 hours of getting quotation for standard products return back to our clients. For the unconventional items, we return quotations within 48 hours maximum.

For Forging, we make the following custom 11 OEM parts.
For Casting, there are 4 OEM Parts to be custom made here at D&R Industries.
For Cold Heading, only one metal part is available for customizing.
For Machining, 5 needed metal parts are customized as per requirement of our clients.

We can assure with our quality of products. Here at Industries, we believe in improving our development process and also adding new products for development.