Professional Brass Valve Manufacturer in China

Check Valve

Here at D&R Industries we make Check Valves of any size and all are of high quality. The widely used Check Valves are to rely on the medium’s flow and also open automatically and close valve flap. It is a type of automatic valve and the main task of this valve is to prevent the media backflow, the pump and motor drive reversal and release of the container media.

Technical Standards:

1. All the Check Valves are available made from high quality Brass.
2. The nominal pressure each and every Check Valve can bear is 2.0MPa.
3. All these Check Valves are perfect for applying when the work is going with water, saturated steam which creates pressure less than 0.6MPa or any non-corrosive liquid.
4. 10-120°C is the working temperature range of each Check Valve.
5. The cylindrical pipe thread of each of these Check Valves complies with the NPT, ISO228 and BSP.
6. The surfaces of all Check Valves are available only in Natural color.

D&R is one of the best check valve suppliers because of the quality of the products and also the efficient work of our staffs. The 50% of our profit is re-invested into staff training, new product development. We believe in improving the market and staying beside our customers always.