Professional Brass Valve Manufacturer in China

Angle Valve

Here at D&R Industries, we have all types of Angle Valves for our clients. All our Angle Valves are designed to resist high pressure and are made from only the best quality Brass. We sell our Angle Valves in bulk only. The quality of these Angle Valves will surely improve the work quality of any company. Our products are thoroughly tested and leak proofed. so that you don’t face any problem later on.

Technical Standards:

1. All the Angle Valves are made from High Quality Brass.
2. The nominal pressure each Angle Valve can bear is 1.6MPa
3. The medium of application of these Angle valves can be water, any non-corrosive liquid and saturated steam with pressure, less than 0.6MPa.
4. The working temperature range of these Angle Valves stays between 10-120°C.
5. The cylindrical pipe thread of each valve is compiled of ISO228, NPT and BSP.
6. These Angle Valves are available in chrome, nickel or natural colored surface.

When it comes to supplying huge amount of Angle Valves, D&R Industries is highly specialized as is the best angle valve supplier. It is more than 15 years that we are satisfying our clients’ requirements. We are looking forward to add more and more years, in this industry with our quality work.