Professional Brass Valve Manufacturer in China

Air Vent Valve

Each batch of our air vent valve is tested for leakage proof. In order to be give guarantee of the quality, we test all valves during production, quality control at the time of forging, machining and assembling. The production of superior quality brass air vent Valve makes us one of the prominent air vent valve suppliers.

Technical Standards:

1. All these Air Vent Valve of D&R are made of High Quality Brass.
2. 10bar is the nominal pressure for each of these air vent valves.
3. Air Vent Valve are required for any industrial usage, with the medium being water, non-corrosive liquid or saturated steam and with the maximum temperature less than 0.6MPa. These Air valves just works great.
4. The working temperature of these Valves is 110°C.
5. Like all the other Valves the cylindrical pipe threads of all the valves comply with the NPT, BSP and ISO228.
6. According to your choice of requirement you can get Air Vent Valve either of Natural Colored surface or of Nickel Plated.

If any client of ours wants to track the production process of their ordered items, they can easily do so, when our team of expert sends you back the process update form. You can then easily control the process as if you are in the workshop.