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Various manufacturing industries, especially those connected with chemicals and fluid are well aware of the importance of valves. Valve is a device which is responsible for controlling, directing and regulating the flow of fluid. This regulation and control are done through the opening, closing or partly blocking the tubes through which the fluid flows. These valves perform different functions like starting and pausing fluid flow, changing the amount of fluid flowing through the tubes, controlling its direction, regulating pressure, etc. There are several types of valves being used in different industries. Let’s have a detailed look at them one by one.

1. Ball valve– These are the most widely used valves. They are designed in such a way that, they can either be fully opened or fully closed with any liquid container. They are produced by almost all valve, fitting, and bibcock manufacturers. The feature of these valves is, they can open and close quickly, are simple to operate, have fewer pressure drops and rarely have any problem in operation.

2. Globe valve- These are somehow similar to ball valves in operation. The disk of glove valve can either be removed completely to open the flow path or can be closed completely to block it. They are linear motion valves produced to start, pause and control the liquid flow. These valves have high-pressure drops but still can be used to throttle the flow.

3. Gate valve– Gate valves are also designed to either fully open or fully close the pathway of the fluid flow. They are made to start, stop the flow. They can also be used to ensure straight line flow the fluid or flow restriction. As the valve provides a tight seal when it is closed, it is used for the containers comprising various types of fluids including chemicals, reports a well-known valve manufacturer.

4. Needle valve- The use of needle valve is spread over in various types of industries. They are used to control and direct the flow of gases as well as liquids. They also serve the function of creating resistance to the flow. This helps in safeguarding delicate instruments from coming in contact with substances which are pressurized like various oils, gases and water. They are useful in circumstances when the gradual flow of fluid is required.

5. Plug valve- These valves are similar to gate valves. They allow unblocked flow and get opened with just 90 degrees of turn. They get operational with a small headroom. They don’t have screw threads and hence stem corrosion can happen in very low amount. As said by one of the most popular valves and bibcock suppliers, plug valves are mostly supplied with a plug which has elastomer coating. They get sealed very tightly. These valves are much larger than ball valves and are used mostly in wastewater treatment plants.

6. Butterfly valve- These valves are again similar to ball valves in operation and can open with just 45 degrees of turn. Their usage is mainly done to regulate larger flows of gases and liquids in various industries. However, they cannot be used in throttling for a longer period of time. They are more compact in nature when compared to the gate and ball valves.

7. Check valve– These valves can be called safety valves which are self-activated. They allow gases and liquids to flow in one direction. The reason behind using check valves is to resist the flow of fluids back to the system which can result in damage to equipment. They are mainly used for safeguarding liquid pumps and gas compressors so that there is no backflow as it can stop the pump or compressor from working. The main feature of these valves is they don’t need an external power supply for operation.

8. Swing check valve- These valves permit full, unhindered flow which starts closing as the pressure decreases. It gets completely closed when the flow is zero. They can be used in the systems where gate valves are used due to low-pressure drop.

Apart from these 8 types, there are other types like lift check valve, ball check valve, tilting disc, diaphragm, diaphragm check valve, backflow preventer, manifold valve, control valve, foot valve, safety and relief valve, etc. They are used in different industries for which their functioning and designs are suitable.

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