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Nowadays, you can find several types of valves available in the market. As each valve is made up of different materials, it might be quite confusing to choose the best one. The brass valves are versatile and it has a wider range of properties than the bronze valves. You can find several types of valves for fitting purposes, which is used in varied industries. They include ball valve, gate valve, stop valve and bibcock.

Why Brass?

Brass is a malleable than bronze. It is primarily made from copper and zinc. Brass is widely used in different types of applications. Even though it has high levels of chlorine that can break down zinc content, it doesn’t oxide quickly. There are many properties of brass which has resulted in it being used as the choice of material in a different type of appliances. Easy to cast, easy to forge, heat extrude are one of those properties of brass, which makes it extremely versatile and hence making it extremely easy to work with.

Usage of brass valves:

Brass is versatile to use. As it possess different preferable properties, they are used many several applications. They are mainly preferred in households, through the usage in the commercial sector is also not uncommon. These are especially useful when hot water is used because the brass valve is more preferable when the household has hot water through its pipes.

Brass can withstand higher temperature. Hence, even at a higher temperature, these valves will perform with the same efficiencies. Due to the ability to withstand high temperature, brass valves are widely used when there is hot water in circulation. Along with beauty and ease to use, brass is one of the most widely used alloys. While gathering the complete list of applications where brass is used, we can get an idea on the range of industries and the categories of products in which brass is found.

Benefits of brass valve:

There are different benefits of the brass valve for which it has been widely used in various systems. For example:

• Versality: Brass as a material can be used for so many purposes and hence, the brass valves also inherit that property. For example, the brass could withstand even high temperature which makes it useful in manufacturing valves for pipes through which hot water will flow. If one needs exact fitting of the valves or any other type of appliances in a system, then the brass serves pretty well as making it a perfect fit.

If you are on a project where you have strict specifications about the size or shape of the components that you can use, then brass can come to the rescue. Brass is stronger than plastic. The main advantage of brass valves are the reduced levels of lead present in the metal. This marks it harmless for drinking water in most of the cases. Another use for brass valves is as of the shut-off valves that are used in natural gas lines.

• Durability: Another advantage of the brass valve is its durability. Brass as a material is very durable in nature and hence, when you are using a brass valve, you are assured that these valves will last for a long period of time and you won’t need to replace them any time soon. When a plumbing system needs a longer life, it is better if you will choose brass valves, with their durable nature, the brass valve comes as the first choice of candidates when it comes to building a system that will be highly durable in nature. These valves will remain in good condition even after years without any cracks or any other types of anomalies. That’s why, due to the durable nature, brass valves are widely used in the various system so that the system will work a longer period of time without any need of repair. You can avail brass fittings in different shapes, sizes and finishes. Therefore, if you have any plumbing job to be done, it is essential to use brass fittings as it apt for very specific sizes. For all those external fittings, there are variety of finishes available in brass.

• Brass can withstand high temperature: Brass can withstand high temperature. This is why it is a first-choice material for the pipe systems where the temperature play a major part. Due to its conductivity, the heat is also spread across a wider area and hence, brass makes it easy to conduct heat across the system with its property. Due to the fact that brass can withstand high temperature, they are widely used in a variety of applications. It could even be survived in a firehouse, as it has ductile properties and can withstand high temperature.

Resistance to corrosion: Brass is one of those materials which are highly resistant to corrosion. Corrosion can cause rust which can lead to wear and tear effect to the system due to which, the whole system could fail to perform as expected. But as brass is highly resistant to corrosion, it makes it a perfect choice for all those areas where the corrosion is highly expected and thus, the wear and tear effect along with the rust could completely be avoided. As brass is immune to corrosion, even the worst corrosive water can’t cause corrosion in brass.
Malleable: Brass is very malleable in nature and hence, it is easier to bend or shape different brass components than the components that are made from other material. This makes the work smooth as you can forge the brass to suit your need and perfect fitting. The cost also becomes lower.. Since, brass is more versatile than any other metal, it is widely used in several industries, for different purposes.

You can easily find brass fittings of different price range and quality. It is essential that you make purchases from a reputed dealer in order to get the best deal and good quality product. With loads of advantages and added beauty, brass always stands as the best choice, which can be used in any industry.

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